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NJ Agent Referral is great for newly licensed agents, retireing agents, or agents making a change.  As a broker you can use NJ Agent Referral as your own referral network.  Simply refer any agents you know to our referral network and wait for the referrals.  This will not only help you receive future referrals but it will show your agents that you are their to support them no matter what.  Building an agent referral network is a great way to grow your existing business.  Think of this as another lead generating tool.


Agent Referrals

Building an Agent Pipeline

Spreading the Word

Helps Build Relationships


Feel free to contact us to find out more.  We will take care of everything for your agents, there is nothing for you to do but point them in the right direction.  All of your referral agents will appreciate that you sent them to NJ Agent Referral.


Negotiate Your Own Referral Commission

Low Annual Fee for Agents $80 or $90 per year

Great Splits for Referral Agents 80% or 90%

Build Up Your Referral Leads!

Potential Earnings

Home Sale for $400,000


Referred Agent Receives 3% or $12,000


NJ Agent Referral Receives 25% or $3,000


Your Commission is 80% or $2,400

Contact Us

Phone:  732-597-1840


New Jersey Real Estate License # 1537725

604 Union Avenue. Brielle, NJ 08730

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